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This year, we are raising funds to enter THE HERMANS in their first World Cup of Paintball event in Orlando, FL.  This is the first time a youth division will be playing in this event. THE HERMANS thank you in advance for your continued support. 

PURCHASE INFORMATION: The purchase price of each calendar is $20 or 3 for $50 with 22 chances per calendar to win prizes up to $100. As you sell your calendars, be sure to collect money at the time of sale via cash, Venmo, or Paypal. We will be selling the calendars from April 1-May 31, 2022. All calendar tickets and monies will need to be turned in to Mark Gong or Michael Baird by May 31st.

HOW DO I WIN?: The winner will be determined by a weekly random drawing. Winning tickets will not be reentered into the drawing. If you win, your ticket will be removed from the drawing. Drawings will take place every Saturday starting June 1-30, 2022. We will also be live streaming the drawing on our THE HERMANS Facebook page (click on our FB link on home page). The winning draw receives the corresponding prize on the calendar. The winner will be notified via email or phone call. The prize will either be sent via mail or given to the winner through the player that sold them the calendar.

To purchase, go to our SHOP to make a payment.  Again, thank you for your support!

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We will be selling this year's team shirt for $50. Please add $10 for shipping to offset S&H costs. You can send your payment via PayPal to  Be sure to mark down your size, name and number.  The shirts runs a size smaller than usual, so you might want to order a size up.

Thank you in advance for supporting the organization.  All proceeds from the sale of our T-Shirt and Woodsball Jersey will help support The Hermans journey to the 2022 NXL World Cup.  This is a tax deductible donation.  The Hermans is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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2022 Road To World Cup


  • RT airfare to Orlando, FL between November 9-14, 2022

  • 1 Ticket to Disney World

  • Entry to World Cup of Paintball


  • ​300 words minimum in own words​

    • What does paintball mean to you?​

    • Describe how you would make a good Hermans' ambassador for the sport of paintball.

    • Describe what good sportsmanship mean to you in paintball.


  • Must be 6-16 yrs of age

  • Must submit essay by May 15, 2022

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Support Our Fundraiser: Who We Are


Winner's Circle

Raffle drawing will begin every Saturday starting June 1-30, 2022.  

Results will be posted here and on our Hermans' FB page.


6/1 Gerald Baughman

6/2 Jonathan Burger

6/3 Darkside Paintball

6/6 Todd Thibeau

6/7 Karla Castillo

6/8 Bianca Rodriguez

6/9 Heather Bollinger

6/10 Andrea Martinez

6/13 Aliyah Villanueva

6/14 Calletano Jimenez

6/15 Rachel Suchanek

6/16 Cody Kishpaugh

6/17 Jay Vega

6/20 Aliyah Villanueva

6/21 Michael Baird

6/22 Brandon Eng

6/23 The Jing Family

6/24 Robina Bennion

6/27 Dave Bothwell

6/28 Jerry Baughman

6/29 Penny Chan

6/30 Aaron Smith

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Support Our Fundraiser: Text
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2022 Road To World Cup 

$7,000 of $7,500 Raised

April 1-May 31, 2022

Raffle winners are drawn and announced on FB Live each Saturday.  

WINNERS: 6/1 Gerald Baughman, 6/2 Johnathan Burger, 6/3 Darkside Paintball...

Special thank you to the following donors (last updated May 31, 2022):

Corporate Donors

GoG Paintball USA - Adam Gardner and Darryl Trent

La Piñata - Alfonso and Gwen Guzman

World Cup Event Sponsors

West Coast Paintball League - Anthony Portillo

Gunfighter - Ryan Podesta


Karen Steinburg

Karen Juilfs

Monica Whelan

Robina Bennion

Gabriel Benavidez

Beth Higgins

Todd Thibeau

Siamak Ghasenias

Brad White

Paul Suchanek

Angela Pizziferro

Rachel Suchanek

Soura Edwards

Sofia Glick

Diane Wade

Petra Rosales

Cody Kishpaugh

Caroline Bloom

Veronica Rendon

Stephanie Ramaley

Bianca Rodriguez

Ryan Stone

Anthony Arellano

Karla Castillo

Jackie Gonzales

Rebecca Rosenkranz

Eric Hamilton

Candace Murch

Tammi Martin

Holli Smith

Aaron Smith

Calletano Jimenez

Juli Knasko

John Certeza

Ryan Podesta

The Jing Family

Julio Gloria

Richard Valles

Michael Eckart

Catherine Podesta

David Painter

Steven Ross

Kevin Pitts

Brandon Eng

Charles Barwis

Shiloh Vancreveid

John Martin

Raymond Suarez

Julio Hernandez

Maria Rubio

Aliyah Villanueva

The Gloria Family

Michael Baird

Karen Carlson

Jerry Baughman

Gerald Baughman

Mike Hill

Kriston Norris

Jonathan Burger

Ed Bolger

Andrea Martinez

Jennifer Montressor

Jay Vega

Megan Green

Heather Bollinger

Julie Molitor

Stacey & Shawn Jing

Darkside Paintball

Dave Bothwell

Hong Le​

Mark & Lily Gong

Maggie Cheung

Penny Chan

Alaric Wu


James Stevens

Michael Baird

Mark & Lily Gong

Robina Bennion

Karen and Dave Bains

Matthew Jones

John Gloria

Eric Hamilton

Maggie Cheung

Anthony Arellano

Greg Baughman

Michael Quan

Jacob Kruelen

Fred Schultz

Tyler Freeland/Kaliko's Hawaiian Kitchen

Scholarship Fund

The Gong Family

Support Our Fundraiser: Welcome
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